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NonFiction Books

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Beyond Basic Journal Writing:
Create a Powerful Legacy by Writing with Intention and Purpose

Author Valerie S. Elkins, a professional genealogist, created the 31 Days to Become Unforgettable Method after being frustrated by her own efforts to learn who her ancestors were as people. She wanted to know more than just their names, dates, and places found in records. Her lifelong journaling journey led her to create an easy-to-follow method that goes beyond surface-level writing and helps you uncover the deeper, more meaningful stories that make up your life.

Through this book, you'll learn how to create your own personal journal writing prompts that are meaningful to you, gather your records and preserve them for posterity, and smash through common writing roadblocks. Your journal will become a place of remarkable self-discovery and emotional healing as you journal about your thoughts, memories, and the lessons learned in your life.

Don't let your story go untold, or someone else may tell it for you!


Start today to leave a lasting legacy that will be remembered for generations to come. As one satisfied reader said, "This is the book that I have waited for my entire life!"

Puzzle Books

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Here is an innovative way to learn about genealogy, as it includes word searches, mazes, jumbles, and more. Learn genealogy terms easily.


Puzzles include genealogy terms in English and five other languages. Available in large print, with the answers in the back.

Relax and unwind while learning something new!


I want to make genealogy accessible to everyone, and this book is a fun way to learn the genealogy vocabulary that will make it easy to remember and help you in your family history research.

Available Soon!

Book no.2
Book no.1


Available Soon!

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