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Hello!  I'm so happy you are here. Talking with my fans and growing our reader family is something I am passionate about. If you have ever wanted to see behind-the-scenes of an author/professional genealogist's life and process, talk to fellow fans about genealogy, mysteries, or being a family historian, you've come to the right place.

I love exploring and pushing the edges of climbing your family tree. Within the safe pages of a book, and the world I write about, I create all kinds of catastrophes, dangers, and fun. The characters come to life for me, and I have had a never-ending source of inspiration in the records, archives, and newspapers I have studied for the last few decades. 

I'm so happy you have come to join our group. Below you can find ALL THE INFO on where you can come and hang out with me and fellow readers. This information changes from time to time, so I'll do my best to keep it updated when it does.

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Valerie Elkins' Facebook Group:

This is a safe, fun place online where we discuss books, family history things, and other fun topics.

There is no pressure to join, but if you want to join the discussion, you're most welcome!

We do giveaways, post weekly "What are you reading," threads, and share lots of funny bookish memes. (While you are there, go ahead and click Follow My Page, too!)

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If you're less into the chat but would love to keep up with my new books and see what I'm up to, and get inspiration for your preserving your legacy for family history, definitely come follow me on Instagram!

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Another fun place to hang out with me and the community is YouTube! I will be posting new videos once a week, starting in June. So, keep checking here or follow me on YouTube.  I will be sharing hands-on demonstrations on how to preserve your family and personal legacy, as well as how to write a powerful journal that will thrill future generations. Don't worry! I will make it fun, easy, and worthwhile.

If you want to truly learn how to creatively share your family history stories, want to see more about me and my process and who I really am, this is the best place to do it! 

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I was one of the pioneers who first used Pinterest as a genealogy tool. Have done many presentations at national Family History Conferences about how to use Pinterest to organize all your family history links to articles, archives and libraries. Following me on my page, you can find my latest blog posts, book reviews, writing tips, and thousands of image links to images that inspired my characters and books, to everything family history related.


I love giving my followers a unique insight into my life and work. I also curated boards of inspiring quotes, delicious recipes and great images, making it easy to find something to motivate and inspire you.


You Can Also Find Me At: 

Here are some other places I'd love for you to follow me! 

Goodreads: You might already have an account at Goodreads, but just in case you don't know what it is, it's basically an online book tracker where you can post reviews, add books you want to read to your wish lists, and connect with fellow readers about books you love. I have a page there, and I'd love for you to follow me on Goodreads, and review my books!

Amazon: If you buy a lot of your books on Amazon or on Kindle, you should definitely follow my author page! Amazon will make sure you know about any new free, book releases, or sales. Follow me here on Amazon.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.                Let's connect. Reach out through my social media pages.

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