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Strengthening Home & Family through Family History

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Hi, I'm Valerie Elkins, a professional genealogist, author, family historian, and chief nestbuilder and I am SO glad you are here! I am an experienced coach, mentor, and guide for families trying to navigate the rich tapestry of their ancestry and overcome the life challenges that affect their family - whether they are dealing with health and money issues, or just want to learn how to incorporate their family stories and research into their family's lives, to curate and preserve their history, or find new ancestors. Studying families for over 3o years has shown me what works and makes families successful and how it ALL ties together. I would love to help you better cherish your family, home and heritage!

Our Services: Tailored to Your Family's Needs
  • Genealogy and Family History Courses: Learn how to trace your roots and capture the stories that bind your family together.

  • One-on-One Consultations: Work directly with Valerie to navigate your family’s past and plan for a healthier future.

  • Inspirational Books and Resources: Gain insights from Valerie’s writings on legacy building and holistic health solutions.

  • Print Downloads: Decorate your space with meaningful artifacts that celebrate your ancestry.

Empower Your Retirement: Financial Strategies for Peace of Mind

Understanding the importance of financial security, especially as retirement approaches, I am actively exploring multiple income streams that will ensure freedom and stability, and best of all? I love to share with others looking to do the same! Come with me as I share these strategies with you. I know it will help you safeguard your and your family's future, and bless you and your family with more peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what truly matters - your home and family.

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Whether you're looking to fortify your family’s health, deepen your connection to your ancestors, or ensure your financial stability, FamilyCherished is here to guide you. Explore our services, join our courses, and start building a stronger nest for your family today.




Companies with heart, are you looking for an experienced brand ambassador?

As a brand ambassador for prestigious organizations like FamilySearch, Rootstech Family History Conferences, and the National Genealogical Society, and as an influencer for handmade journals, herbal products, and family history tools. I have built a reputation for endorsing products with heart and integrity. Our 20,000+ followers across social media platforms and a substantial email list rely on us for honest recommendations that resonate with their values.

We seek to collaborate with ethical companies that share our commitment to Heritage, Home, Health, and Wealth (through passive income). Our goal is to provide genuine value to our audience while helping your brand reach a dedicated and engaged community. If your products or services align with our mission to support and uplift families, we’d love to partner with you. Connect with me here: 

Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of nest builders everywhere.

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